Top 9 Best 13 Inch Laptop 2017

You need to know the list of the best 13 inch laptop first before buying a laptop. Computer is one of the most important gadgets that we need today. Having one is just mandatory, isn’t it? Speaking of laptop, nowadays there are numerous laptop manufacturers and they are all producing 13 inch laptop. So, how to choose the best? Well, it will all go down to the performance, appearance, and of course features. Read on to find out which ones suit yours.

Performance that Goes Well with Portability

Now, before you decide merely on the choice of a 13-inch laptop, do consider these:

  • Processor – it is a key part of keeping the machine running easily and gives you the best high performance laptop. Numerous machines of this size element own a double core processor, for example, the Intel Center i5 or i7, which will guarantee a smooth running of most applications and tasks. Processor rates are measured in gigahertz, with quicker speeds for the most part prompting expanded execution.
  • Graphics processors – it is most critical with regards to smooth gaming experience, even when you don’t want to have the best gaming notebook on earth. The greater part of 13″ portable PCs won’t include a dedicated graphic card, rather utilizing an integrated chip. These are less effective, yet utilize less power. So, it still fits for running a scope of programs and (less demanding) games.
  • RAM – it is vital to keeping the system running easily. Most cutting edge 13″ laptops highlight somewhere around 4GB and 8GB of RAM, guaranteeing they can run current working system legitimately and a scope of programs. You can even still own a good affordable notebook.
  • Hard Drive – its limit decides the amount of storage of a laptop. 500GB is a typical limit for smaller notebooks. However, some devices can be found with up to 750GB and more. A few laptops may include less space thanks to the cloud storage. Well, that is sometimes promoted by the best mini laptops manufacturers. Strong state drives, on the other hand, are regularly lesser however significantly decrease load and boot times.
  • Operating system – it is the product which empowers a computer to work. Various distinctive working frameworks are accessible, including Windows 8. Or, you can straight to get that Best Windows 10 laptop. Operating system can run a scope of good programs. And for some users, the decision can be down to individual choice.

Appearance that Stands Out in the Crowd

  • Design – Think about a laptop that really shows who you are, not merely the best lightweight laptop. You may bear it with all of you day, or even everywhere throughout the nation. You send messages from it; store individual photographs and files, and making it join with individuals on social networks.
  • Accessories – like any individual frills, for example, a coat or glasses, you ought to pick a laptop with a style and configuration that works for you. And, in addition, one with a console and touchpad you discover agreeable and simple to work with. Or, with a design that makes the best detachable laptops.
  • Screen – it is an important aspect to consider is the screen’s resolution. Numerous smaller notebooks will have lower resolutions. While some will have full HD, up to and over 1080×1920, offering a reasonable and fresh picture, even when they don’t plan to have the best laptop for Graphic design. As for you who often go out, consider choosing laptops that has anti- glare and non-reflective screens.

Features Needed When Time Goes Right

  • Battery – it usually comes smaller with lighter devices, and ought to be considered if the portable workstation is to be utilized while voyaging.
  • Accessibility – it can be a critical element for littler, less intense portable PCs, which are regularly intended for surfing the web and watching motion pictures and feature. Pay special mind to remote network and elements, for example, Bluetooth.
  • Touch screen – this gives users another method for cooperating with their gadget and functions admirably with working frameworks, for example, Windows 10. It is intended to work with touch screens and makes it the best touchscreen laptop.

Apple Best 13 Inch Laptop MacBook Air MJVE2LL/A

Apple Best 13 Inch Laptop MacBook Air MJVE2LLA
The first laptop is coming from Apple. It is the Apple MacBook Air MJVE2LL/A. This MacBook Air has Intel Core i5 Dual-Core Broadwell Processor. The RAM of this MacBook Air is 4 GB of 1600 MHz LPDDR3 RAM. The storage of this MacBook Air is quite big which is the 128 GB PCIe-based flash storage. The display of this laptip is 13.3-Inch LED-backlit Glossy Widescreen Display. It has 1440 x 900 of resolution. The display is supported by the Intel HD Graphics 6000. As for the Operating System, it is the OS X Yosemite. The MacBook Air can give you battery life up to 12 hours.

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ASUS Zenbook UX305UA AS51

ASUS Zenbook UX305UALaptop comes with different screen size and 13 inch is the most ideal one. For the best option, I suggest you to buy ASUS Zenbook UX305UA. In specific, the screen size is 13.3 inches. This screen size is ideal for any use so that this ASUS Zenbook UX305UA is appropriate for anyone. It will be ideal for studying, playing game, editing photo, recording music, and other purposes.

Designed with ideal screen size, this ASUS Zenbook UX305UA also offers great specs. With this screen size, it applies Full HD IPS with anti-glare matte display so that you can watch the image on the screen safely. It will not damage your eyes. Besides that, it also uses Ultra wide with 170 degrees of viewing angle that optimize the quality of the image provided. Therefore, the image quality is undoubted.

The image quality can be seen from the maximum resolution. With 13 inch screen, the image resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. So, you can watch videos or pictures on this ASUS Zenbook UX305UA clearly. You can also use the web camp that comes with 1.2 MP to record audio visual you want clearly. Anyway, this ASUS Zenbook UX305UA can meet your needs with all the technologies and features offered.

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Toshiba CB35-B3340 13 Inch Chromebook

Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook
The next computer on this list of 9 best 13 inch notebook is Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35-B3340. The Toshiba CB35 has amazing display of 13-inch IPS Screen. It is supported with Intel HD graphics that will make you see better images from the display. This Toshiba CB35 has Intel Celeron Processor N2840 as its processor. It is fast and powerful for sure. As for the RAM, the RAM is 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM. As for the hard drive, the machine has 16GB SSD Hard Drive. The laptop has 9-hour battery life, USB ports, and Wi-Fi.

Last price update: 2017-12-05 15:43:17
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Dell Inspiron i7359-6790SLV 2 in 1

Dell Inspiron i7359-6790SLV 2 in 1 Laptop
The next laptop is the Dell Inspiron i7359-6790SLV. This amazing Dell Inspiron i7359 has 13.3-inch FHD touchscreen display. The resolution of the display is1920 x 1080. It is a Truelife LED-Backlit display that is touchable. The display is also completed with IPS or the wide viewing angle. The processor of this Dell Inspiron i7359 is using Intel core i5-6200U 2.3 GHz. As for the RAM, the RAM is 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz RAM. The storage of this Dell Inspiron i7359 is quite massive which is the 256 GB SSD. The Operating System of this Dell Inspiron i7359 is Windows 10.

Last price update: 2017-12-05 15:10:24
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Alienware AW13R2-8900SLV

Alienware AW13R2-8900SLV Gaming
The next laptop in the list is a gaming laptop. It is Alienware AW13R2-8900SLV. The Alienware AW13R2 is completed with Intel Core i7-6500U processor. It has an amazing Turbo Boost Technology that will keep your gaming activity awesome. The RAM is 16GB DDR3L 1600 MHz RAM and the storage is a 512GB HDD + 8 SSD drive storage. The display of this Alienware AW13R2 is 13.3Inch FHD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolutions. The display has IPS-Panel TrueLife feature. As for the graphic, the graphic has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics that will make you play your game smoothly. The Operating System of this Alienware AW13R2 is Windows 10.

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MSI GS30 13 SHADOW-001 13 Inch High Performance Gaming Laptop

MSI GS30 13 SHADOW-001 High Performance Gaming
The next laptop is still a gaming machine. It is MSI GS30 SHADOW-001. The MSI GS30 has an incredible display which is the 13.3-Inch display. The display is completed with Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200 to make you play your game without lagging. The MSI GS30 is also completed with powerful processor which is the Intel Core i7-4870HQ 2.5 GHz processor. As for the RAM, the RAM is 16 GB DDR3L SDRAM. This MSI GS30 has 256 GB Solid State Drive as its storage. The other features of this MSI GS30 are including stunning backlit keyboard, incredible 720p HD webcam, and Sound Blaster Cinema 2 feature. The Operating System of this MSI GS30 is Windows 8.1.

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Samsung ATIV Book 9

Samsung ATIV Book 9
The next notebook on this list of 9 best 13 inch laptop is Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus. Samsung has always produced amazing laptops and this one is no exception. The Samsung ATIV has 13.3″ LED QHD touch screen display with 10-Point Capacitive Touch Screen. The resolution of the display is 3200 x 1800. The display is also completed with Intel HD Graphics 4400. The processor of this Samsung ATIV is using Intel Core i7 4500U 1.8 GHz processor. As for the RAM, the RAM is 8 GB DDR3 RAM. The storage of this ATIV Book 9 is 256 GB Solid-State Drive. The Operating System of this Samsung ATIV is Windows 8.1. The ATIV Book 9 can give you battery life up to 7.5 hours.

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HP Stream 13-c110nr

HP Stream 13-c110nr
The next notebook in the list is HP Stream. This powerful HP Stream 13 is very elegant and sleek in its appearance because it has beautiful cobalt blue chassis. Inside the laptop, you will get powerful processor which is the Intel Celeron N3050 1.16 GHz Processor. As for the RAM, the RAM is 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM. The RAM will make sure that you can operate the laptop without lagging. As for the storage, the HP Stream 13 has 32 GB SSD Storage. For the display, the display is 13.3 inch LED backlit Screen. It has 1366×768 pixels of resolution. The Operating System of this HP Stream 13 is Windows 10. Read more HP Stream 13 c110nr.

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Acer Chromebook 13

Acer Chromebook 13la
The next notebook on this list of 9 best 13 inch notebook is Acer Chromebook13 CB5-311-T9B0. The amazing chrome notebook is powered by NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. The processor is Quad Core 2.1 GHz processor. As for the RAM, the RAM is 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM. The Acer Chromebook 13 has 16 GB Internal Storage in its hard drive. The display of this Acer Chromebook 13 is 13.3-Inch full HD screen with anti-glare feature. The laptop can give you battery life up to 11 hours.

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