Best Laptop Under 300 Dollars 2017

You need the list of the best laptop under 300 if you have limited budget you still want a powerful laptop. Owning a laptop is mandatory these days. Laptop is used for many things and not only for the computing job. Nowadays, watching movie, listening to music, playing videos, and many more can be done by using laptop. That is why not owning a laptop can be very problematic these days. However, notebook is really numerous in types, brands, features, specifications, and price for sure. The set budget might not give you superior type of expensive notebooks. But, a smart selection of the right specs will leave a happy ending to your search. So, stay on this page to know the how-to’s before deciding one to bring home.

Focus on the Screen Size, But Lower Your Standard

Nowadays, screen size come with various range, from the best 11 to 17 inches. It is a decent beginning to find out the best notebook you require. The screen likewise gives a clue for a laptop weight, assisting you with settling on a choice if mobility becomes your way of life. Most 13 inch notebooks weigh around 1.3-and 1.6kg, while 15 inch models around 2-and 3kg. The best lightweight laptops are often the highlighted by the manufacturers.

Bear this in mind: the screen is usually a drawback in a cheap laptop. The least expensive and most minimal resolution screen can cut down expenses. Be agreeable with the low-grade quality of screen and never set the difference with the better-review IPS display or the best touchscreen laptops.

You can be selective with the glare-screen offers. Be wise to avoid glossy screens since it reflects light back at you. Yet, be aware with an anti-glare screen but actually gives shoddy coatings. It gives a sparkly, blurry impact to pictures.

Find the Ones with Reasonable Performance

The most productive and effective processors are right now Intel Core series, for example the i5 and i7. The latest one, Haswell (2013) and Broadwell (2015) can be discovered even in spending plan laptops. The versatile processors are generally double core. If you choose the right programs, they will perform like quad-core processors installed in the best high performance laptop.

Clock speed ought not to be utilized as a manual for speed any more. Be that as it may, clock speed of a processor does give you a clue on how rapidly it will exhaust the battery. Present day laptops, not the best laptops 2015 though, generally have processors running at around 2GHz or lower, and which execute as quick as 2.5GHz and faster than older chips.

Select the Ones with Decent Battery Life and Memory

For better quality machines fitted with the most recent Intel processors and other power saving features, you can anticipate 7-12 hours of real battery life. It’s decent to have your best budget laptop to keep running for just around two-to five hours of battery life.

As for memory, you can get a lot of cheap offer. Today, it’s cheap to the point that whether your laptop has 4, 8, or 16GB is less, giving you can even now redesign yourself if needed. Windows 7, 8 and windows 10 will run fine on 4GB, albeit even a laptop with 8GB storage is now such a cheap stuff.

To make a PC feel quick and responsive, it’s as essential that it has storage. The least expensive notebooks don’t yet include the best alternative of a solid-state drive (SSD) unless you’re ready to acknowledge a miserably little limit, so you must survive with a slower hard disk.

Discarding Windows

One approach to get a cheap notebook is to swap Windows for a free operating system, for example, Ubuntu or Chrome, or one that runs Windows with Bing.

Ubuntu and Windows with Bing are both customary OSes, however Chrome is a web working framework that obliges you to have web access.

Now, if you are not yet interested to be a tech savvy to compare all computers under $300, no worries. We’re here to help you sorting that out with the following options.

HP 14-Inch Notebook 14-an013nr under $300

HP 14-Inch Notebook 14-an013nr under $300HP is not known to compromise on quality. You can expect they did not disappoint with the HP 14 inch. The HP Notebook 14-an013nr has a nice build and is nice to look at.

That is not all.


  • It is equipped with the latest AMD processors and sufficient storage space for essential programs. The 1080p screen (full HD) provides good sharpness and excellent viewing angles.
  • This is probably the best buy if a good screen is what you are after. The fan is another plus. It is barely audible. You will love this if you hate using laptops that sound like lawn mowers.


  • The laptop’s internal storage demands you get an external storage. For the price, this is probably the only downside.

Final Word

  • If you are looking for a laptop that is swift on the net and low on price, this is your deal. It is perfect for kids. For anyone who will do more than surf the net, an upgrade is advised.

YES, it is upgradeable.

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ASUS 2 in 1 C100PA-DB02

ASUS 2 in 1 Mini Laptop ASUS C100PA-DB02
When it comes to notebooks, ASUS is one of the most recognized and appreciated technological brands in the world. The ASUS Mini Laptop is not any lesser.

The former is indeed a Chromebook Flip C100PA and includes Chrome as its Operating System By virtue of its 10.1 inch screen size and not to obliterate its two pound weight, the device is easy to handle and very convenient to use.

Additionally, the ASUS Mini is incorporated with a hard drive of 16 GB and its Random Access Memory (RAM) is of 4 GB. While the ASUS Mini might be lauded for its built-in 1.8 GHz Rockchip RK3288 Processor,the technological gadget is also composed of a high screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

The product comes in a bright, shiny silver color and a casing very soft as well as pleasant to the touch resulting in an incredible ergonomic feel and promising optimum comfort while handling the Mini Laptop.

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Lenovo 15 Inch Laptop under 300 IdeaPad 110 15IBR

Lenovo 15 Inch Laptop under 300 IdeaPad 110 15IBR
Lenovo IdeaPad series are giving you the many quality laptops at low cost. They are giving IdeaPad 110 15IBR with some features but at low rates.

Build and Design
IdeaPad 110 15IBR have the latest Window 10. Lenovo IdeaPad 110 15.6-Inch HD notebooks are coming an all-black color with the textured flap and textured palm rest. Though these machine are not so costly, the design is very attractive and appealing. Sturdy kinds of plastic are used to making this attractive layout. The hinge mechanism of this laptop seems a little fragile.

Keyboard and Speakers
This attractive and but less costly laptop have a Chiclet keyboard. The keys of the keyboard have well-space to ensure you the right amount of travel. Above the keyboard there you will find speakers. There is a DVD try on the right side of the notebook. You will find a power port, a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port and an audio jack on the right, and HDMI Out, LAN port. There is also a slot for SD card that you will find on the front edge.

It has a large track pad with two click buttons. If you reach the edge of the both buttons, you will get the better result.

It has 2.2 kg weight the thickness of about 22.9mm. These are suitable dimensions for a less cost laptop. You will get 4 rubber feet on the laptop that are providing proper space for the air intake.

Lenovo IdeaPad 110 has modest Intel – Pentium N3170 processor and 4GB of RAM. You will get this laptop with latest Window 10 Windows 10 OS. It has 500GB HDD space for storage. It looks good with the 15.6-inch display and 1366 x 768 resolution. You have the other necessary features such as Bluetooth for connectivity, Wi-Fi and more with 24Wh battery is powering.

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ASUS VivoBook 15-inch Laptop under $300

ASUS VivoBook 15-inch Laptop under $300
This year, the newest Asus comes with an Intel Quad-core processor that runs at a clock speed of 1.6GHz and can be clocked up to 2.4GHz with the 4-way processing that is ideal for HD applications. The memory on this device is a 4GB DDR3L but the slot can be expanded up to 8GB for enhanced performance. It also has a CD/DVD burner for enjoying movies, installing applications and even running games on the machine that boasts of an HD LED screen and Intel HD graphics.

Also inbuilt into the laptop are high-speed wireless LAN, a card reader and stereo speakers for incredibly powerful sounds. For external displays and inputs, there is an HDMI connection, USB 2 and USB 3 as well as a VGA output. With Windows 10 64 bit installed by default, you will be able to enjoy productivity and entertainment activities on the machine that has got a hairline finish and light enough to be carried around not forgetting the 3-cell lithium ion battery for long hours of continued usage.

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Acer Aspire ES 15

Acer Aspire ES 15If you are in the search for a pocket-friendly but powerful machine, then the Acer Aspire ES 15 is the kind of laptop you seek. It is quite utile for office work given its general features. With its 6th generation Intel Core i3-6100U processor (2.3GHz 3MB l3 cache) you can multitask on quite intensive apps without any difficulty. It also has 15.6” wide screen with Cine Crystal LED backlight display alongside the Intel HD Graphics 520 so you can be sure of relatively better screen resolution. A battery life of 6.5 hours is another feature that puts it atop most laptops within its price range. This machine also boasts of a total 1TB hard drive memory which is ample space for more than 300,000 images, 200 HD videos, and 100,000 songs altogether.

The 4GB RAM is however relatively small to handle the large hard drive memory which is at 1TB and might result to slowness. The RAM is, however, upgradable up to a maximum of 16GB. Its keyboard design is quite delicate, so you might want to avoid dropping something heavy on it, or you might lose your keyboard chicklets.

This Aspire ES 15 is not ranked among the lightest but at 5.3 pounds it is portable enough. However, this Aspire ES 15 is the kind that you would enjoy using for entertainment given its ample storage space and standard screen resolution. In fact for a laptop within its price range getting a laptop with its amount hard drive memory is a jackpot.


  • 1 TB gives this laptop ample storage space
  • It also has a decent screen resolution
  • 6.5hours is quite a long battery life
  • Affordable price
  • It has quite an effective processor
  • The Acer Aspire 15 is quite light weighing 5.3 pounds and has a slim structure for easy portability


  • Lacks Bluetooth
  • The touchpad is a little jumpy
  • Also, has a delicate keyboard
  • There have been complaining of the Acer Aspire 15 being slow
  • The pre-installed Windows 10 operating system seems to display compatibility issues during the first period of activity

The Acer Aspire E 15 is quite a useful machine for a laptop within its price range. Sure you may need some tweaks such as adding a few GBs to its existing RAM to enhance its performance. That nonetheless forms a little demerit that is overshadowed by its other merits. With qualities that this notebook possesses it is ideal for both entertainment and work and whatever data you have for these uses, you can easily store them on this machine. It is, however, more ideal for students when you consider factors such as portability, affordability and hard drive memory about their lifestyle.

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HP 15.6” HD Touchscreen Signature

HP 15.6 HD Touchscreen SignatureThe HP touchscreen signature is a gadget to behold given its fun utility features such as 15.6” HD LED touchscreen with a 10-finger multi-touch support. Its screen provides a large display, and easier navigation to enhance your user satisfaction. It is also quite portable given its slim profile and light weight of 4.6 pounds making it among the lightest in this compilation. So you can simply slip it into your backpack and move around with no worries.

With added features such as its Intel HD graphics 620 and inbuilt DTS studio sound this HP notebook is quite efficient in multitasking as an entertainment and work machine. This machine also has a 500GB hard drive memory which is ample space for your files and installed apps. It also integrates its Intel Pentium N3540 processor with is 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD to enhance its multitasking performance. The 15.6-inch HD touchscreen combined with DTS Studio Sound system makes this notebook ideal for laying back with a movie or personal videos. Add that to the 500GB memory space, and you can store as many movies and HD videos than you would care to watch. Also on the entertainment features, it also has HDMI which is relevant for sharing media such as videos and photos on a bigger screen.

The touchscreen feature is observably the most significant feature that this notebook possesses. Thus, it allows you to use it for your computing utilities more effectively with consideration to hands-on control and eased navigation. Its relatively light weight of 4.6 pounds added to the touchscreen feature makes this laptop utile for utility on the go. With a general consideration of this notebook’s most significant features that are generally about its screen (graphics, screen size, touchscreen) this HP 15 works well for movie and video streaming enthusiasts.


  • he touchscreen display with a 10-finger multiple support is unique and utile for navigation
  • Three USB ports makes the laptop more efficient as connecting and charging peripherals
  • It also has ample memory space of 500GB
  • Slim design and easily portable weight of 4.6 pounds
  • Fair screen resolution


  • Has no Bluetooth
  • Lacks on the battery life factor
  • Relatively underpowered compared to laptops within its price range and with its shared qualities

The HP touchscreen signature comes out strongly as an entertainment machine given its many fun utilities towards this goal. If you want a gadget for entertainment quality and other fun stuff, then this notebook suits you. However, it advisable to consider the battery life factor for this one.

Last price update: 2017-12-05 14:48:50
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ASUS VivaBook X540SA

ASUS VivaBook X540SAThe ASUS VivaBook is the quite the ideal, budget friendly notebook utile for work and play. For one, it has an Intel Pentium mobile processor N3700 Quad-core processor 1.6GHz-2.4GHz with a 2M cache which allows for a four-way processing, very ideal for intensive computing. It also has a 4GB DDR3L SDRAM which is expandable to 8GB, that is more than sufficient for carrying out basic computing tasks. Its relatively light weight is another of its pro features, weighing 4.5 pounds putting it among the lightest laptops within this compilation as well. That means it quite portable and carrying it around to work, or school should be no strain. Other standout features are its super multi DVD/CD burner and built-in stereo speakers with SonicMaster technology (for a crystal clear sound experience) both of which form its entertainment utility.

The ASUS VivaBook has quite the quality image display feature given its 15.6” HD LED display (1366 x 768). The viewing angles are however not as good as IPS displays. The image quality also allows you to comfortably stream videos at 720 pixels and watch video playbacks as well.

If you are the kind that would like a laptop that you would use in the office or at school for official computing work such as emailing, skyping, creating and editing documents among others this VivaBook X540SA will work efficiently for you. Also if you are looking for a laptop that you can efficiently use for video streaming, movie watching, light gaming or even listening to music then this VivaBook X540SA has the specs to facilitate these satisfactorily. Features such as its processor, chicklet keyboard, Super-Multi DVD burner and SonicMaster stereo system are the kind that make this notebook effective in delivering for both work and play laptop users.


  • Its light, weight 4.5 lbs makes it quite useful for portability
  • 6 hours of battery life is quite the advantage
  • The 3.1 type-C USB port
  • The price is quite affordable for a notebook of its kind
  • Fair storage space
  • High-speed wireless LAN


  • Given its processor in relation to, its RAM and HDD, the ASUS VivaBook is slightly under powered
  • Its 4GB RAM is not removable
  • Only two of the USB ports are full sized

The ASUS VivaBook X540SA portability features alongside the high-speed wireless LAN, audio system and super multi DVD/CD burner among others make it a fun yet utile machine. Its usefulness is however limited since its processor is a little underpowered to handle the notebook’s system. All in all, it is worth it is quite efficient for a laptop of its price.

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HP 15-F222WM

HP 15-F222WMIf you are looking for a budget machine that can effectively work for long hours alongside other useful notebook features, then this is the machine for you. The HP 15-F222WM has an automatic battery saver added to its 6-hour battery life so that you can work extra or play longer. Its screen is 15.6” of HD LED backlit display with touchscreen support for easier navigation. One very remarkable feature of this notebook is its graphics which are Turbo Tech Intel HD graphics with up to 1792 total graphics memory. It is also relatively light as it weighs 4.7 pounds.

With its features, the HP 15-F222WM seems quite fitting for office use. The Intel Pentium N3540 processor integrated with its 4GB RAM allows it to simple computing tasks such as sending emails. It is, however, underpowered for multitasking and more intensive computing tasks.

Despite the fact that this HP 15-F222WM does not possess the processing capability of this laptop is underhanded relative to its competition, it is has other specs that make up in making enhance your productivity. A multi-touch touchpad, a full-sized numeric keyboard and an automatic battery saver are its standout features that make it utile in enhancing your productivity. Its image display, graphics and HD stereo speakers features give it the touch in entertainment quality in terms of image and sound quality when watching videos or movies. This notebook is therefore another one within this compilation that is good for work and play, but it is more inclined to work than it is to play.


  • Its light weight enhances portability
  • The automatic battery saver is efficient
  • Good storage space
  • A multi-touch support touchpad is a unique touch
  • The Turbo technology Intel HD graphics does quite the enhancement of the notebook’s screen resolution
  • Affordable price
  • Five hours is a decent battery life
  • Touchscreen display


  • Lacks Bluetooth
  • Its processor is underpowered for intensive computing tasks
  • Poor webcam quality especially in relation to its competition
  • Slower Windows boots and longer loading of your notebook’s applications

The HP 15-F222WM is quite the budget friendly laptop considering that it is under $ 300 with features such as touch screen display, an automatic battery saver, 500GB storage among the other useful ones. It, however, would have been more utile with the addition of Bluetooth to the system. Seems rather wanting that a gadget of its caliber should lack such an application with the given need to share digital information in this digital age.

Last price update: 2017-12-05 14:53:03
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Dell Inspiron 15.6” Premium

Dell Inspiron 15.6 PremiumFor a budget laptop, the Dell Inspiron shows quite the promise as an entrainment machine compared to its other utilities. Its 15.6” LED backlit screen is of Truelife HD, that means maximum resolution as well as stereo speakers and MaxxAudio for your gaming or movie watching satisfaction. It also has integrated Intel HD graphics for a better gaming and video streaming experience. To top it all off its battery life runs for up to 8 hours, and that is among the longest within this list. However, the battery’s long life consistency only lasts depending on how often you use it meaning that with time it depreciates.

Enjoy quality movie watching, video streaming, music and even image viewing with this Dell Inspiron, which is specifically designed to deliver in this qualities. It can work well for other office computing tasks but not as good as other laptops within its price range. Its processor and RAM for instance only enable it to handle basic computing tasks, thus your productivity is limited to the standard capacity.


  • TrueLife HD screen provides an excellent image resolution
  • Quality webcam
  • It is very light and resultantly easily portable
  • Quality sound system with the MaxxAudio stereo speakers
  • 500GB storage space is quite plenty
  • Fair price


  • Only two USB ports
  • Depreciating battery life

The Dell Inspiron notebook is proving to be quite the entertainment kind of machine with its features designed to enable a maximum to this effect. It especially well featured on the screen resolution aspect and can be a good one for laying back and enjoying a movie or streaming videos. The long battery life increases your entertainment time too.

Only two USB ports, however, powerful they may be (and they are quite powerful) is still a little limiting. For a gadget of its caliber, three USB ports should be a minimum. As a matter of fact, three USB ports should be a minimum for any laptop made within this era.

Its light weight on the other hand (2.6 pounds), which makes it the lightest laptop within this compilation, is unique. For notebooks in its price range, the commonly weigh an average of 4.5 pounds which is more than twice this laptop’s weight.

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HP Pavilion 15

HP Pavilion 15There are numerous powerful and efficient HP notebooks on the market, and the HP Pavilion 15 is among them, the distinct factor being its relative affordability. The laptop has a 15.6” diagonal HD BrightView WLED-backlit display for better image resolutions. It also has a DTS studio sound with dual speakers, with this feature and the latter this machine is ideal for video and movie watching among other forms of attainable entertainment. Its Microprocessor of 2.0GHz AMD Quad-core A6-5200 APU is useful in processing simple computing tasks. The memory is also relatively sufficient at 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3L SDRAM, and 5400 RPM. The HP Pavilion is also equipped with AMD Radeon R4 graphics with up to 2048MB total graphics memory. Its touchpad supports a multi-gesture touching system to increase your navigation efficiency. The HP Pavilion, however, is quite heavy weighing 6.3 pounds, thus hindering its portability.


  • Relatively affordable price
  • Good battery life
  • Three powerful USB ports
  • Operates quietly
  • Consumes lower amounts of power
  • Slim enough chassis
  • Decent application performance
  • Ample storage space
  • AMD Radeon R4 graphics make it good for watching and gaming


  • 6.3 pounds is relatively heavy to carry around

The HP Pavilion is quite appealing to laptop users on a tight budget, first with its beautiful outward structure. With an average battery life of 6 hours and excellent AMD Radeon R4 graphics, the HP Pavilion 15 is the kind if the laptop you would lay back and enjoy a movie or game with good screen resolution and relatively better images. The ample hard drive storage space of 500GB also allows you to store more apps, HD movies, and games.

The weight, however, is a strain factor given that it hinders you from carrying the gadget around like you would most other notebooks. The HP Pavilion’s weight is rather a drawback considering the many competing laptops that averagely weigh 4.5 pounds.

That is, however, a single demerit amongst the many merits this notebook possesses especially for a laptop in its price range.

Last price update: 2017-12-05 14:48:42
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HP Stream PC 14-ax010 14inch

HP Stream Laptop PC 14-ax010 14inchThis latest version of the HP stream series has got to be the best yet. Its light weight of 3.2 pounds (putting it among the lightest in this compilation) alongside its sleek exterior design makes it both fun and easy to carry around. This HP Stream PC is the kind of laptop you would get your kid for school or get yourself for work. It has high productivity levels with its preinstalled Windows 10 operating system. It is, however, not ideal for storing large data files since it only has an internal memory of 32GB SSD.

This notebook is simple easy and fun plus it is designed to enhance productivity, and that is why it is in this list. It may not be as efficient for large amount of storage data like most laptops within its price range, but it performs to make up for that. This HP Stream PC is designed for office work such as editing and creating documents which it delivers without a problem. The portability added to its other features means you can work with it on the go.


  • Its light weight makes it very portable
  • Quick responsiveness and boots due to the small hard drive memory
  • Very long battery life
  • Sleek exterior design
  • Affordable pricing


  • The small hard drive memory (32GB eMMC) is too small to store a decent number of files
  • No optical drive
  • Underpowered for considered power users

The slim, lightweight and highly portable HP Stream 14-ax010 notebook is a simple pocket-friendly laptop. It would be recommendable for use school or home office work in executing simple computing tasks.

Its quick responsiveness and fast booting is an admirable feature that almost makes up for the limited hard drive storage capacity. All in all, if you are looking for a simple good looking affordable machine to handle simple tasks, then the HP Stream 14-ax010 will do just fine.

Last price update: 2017-12-05 15:02:46
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Lenovo Ideapad 100

Lenovo Ideapad 100Just as the name suggests this notebook by Lenovo has quite the performance features. Equipped with 15.6” HD display with DVD-RW drive (also efficient for burning CDs) and an Intel HD graphics with shared graphics memory you can enjoy smooth and clear images for your movie and video watching satisfaction. The Lenovo Ideapad 100’s processor is an Intel Celeron N3060 1.6GHz with Intel Burst technology of up to 2.58GHz for a smooth running of your simple computing tasks.

The Lenovo Ideapad 100 is also equipped with a hard drive memory of 500GB. For a laptop with its Hard drive memory its processor (Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-core processor, 1.60GHz) is slightly underpowered. It however can handle simple computing tasks but not the multiple kind. This Ideapad 100 weighs 4.8 pounds thus you can carry it with ease and work or entertain yourself effectively while on the move.


  • Affordable price
  • Light weight and enabling portability
  • Has Bluetooth
  • Sizable keyboard


  • Short battery life
  • Is relatively underpowered
  • Its bottom runs hot after a while of activity

The Lenovo Ideapad 100 is a high-performance laptop despite some minor drawbacks that it entails that is the short battery life and overheating issue. For a gadget within its price range, it is quite reliable as an entertainment machine with features such as its Dolby Advanced audio processing stereo system and 15 inch HD display. The ample hard drive memory is quite ideal too for storing quality audio, video and document files easily. It is, however, advisable to use it for simple computing tasks since its processor is underpowered. Therefore, making it a utile and affordable notebook for both work and play but with considerations to its limitations.

Last price update: 2017-12-05 14:48:38
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ASUS L402SAAnother light weight (3.6 pounds) and very portable notebook, this ASUS L402SA is designed mainly for office or school kind of work to enhance everyday productivity. It includes a full year’s Microsoft Office 365 subscription upon its purchase. That gives you access to the Microsoft Office goodies such as Onenote, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Publisher and Word just to name a few. This subscription is valued at $69.99 if you were to get it separately. It also powered by Intel Celeron N3060 1.60GHz Intel burst technology of up to 2.48GHz. It, however, has a low storage space of 32GB eMMC for its hard drive making it only complacent to store only small, simple files. However, the integration of this notebook’s Intel Celeron Dual-core processor, its 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage makes it very quick and responsiveness. Using the Windows 10 operating system, on the little memory space also means more rapid reboots for this ASUS L402SA. However, the integration of this notebook’s Intel Celeron Dual-core processor, its 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage makes it very quick and responsiveness. Using the Windows 10 operating system, on the little memory space also means more rapid reboots for this ASUS L402SA.

This ASUS L402SA also has a full-size chiclet keyboard which forms another aspect of how it is designed to enhance its owner’s productivity. The keyboard is not only efficient for easy navigation and typing but is also durable for this particular notebook.


  • Well powered processor
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Decent battery life
  • Adequate hard drive speed
  • The chiclet keyboard enhances your typing accuracy


  • The 32GB flash storage is quite limited
  • Only two USB ports
  • Lacks Bluetooth

The lightweight ASUS L402SA has been made with specific designs to improve both your entertainment experience and work productivity. Aspects such as its light weight, chiclet keyboard, fast storage and its powerful Intel Celeron Dual-core processor all help it to enhance your daily productivity in school or office work. For the entertainment features such as its high-quality dual speakers and long battery life are meant to heighten your experience. Its limited storage is a limiting factor but makes up for it in its fast storage.

Last price update: 2017-12-05 14:48:17
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Dell Latitude E6420

Dell Latitude E6420For the last laptop of this compilation which most definitely is nothing close to the least, the Dell Latitude E6420 is unique, especially for its exterior design. The exterior design is not only meant to make it look attractive as it succeeded in doing so but also work better and last longer. The manufacturers of this Latitude E6420 majored on the security aspect of its production. It has a Dell Tri-Metal chassis to protect it from extreme temperatures, vibrations, dust and high altitudes. It also has a spill-resistant keyboard, and an LCD protective deal and those are for the outer section. This notebook also boasts of data security with Dell’s data protection / Encryption 11 and encrypted hard drive options, Dell Fast Response and Free-Fall Sensor Strike Zone, Dell control Vault among other Dell developed data protection applications.

It is equipped with an Intel Core i5-2520M that runs up to a maximum turbo Frequency 3.2GHz which is quite a powerful processor to handle multiple computing tasks at the same time. The screen is 14 inches which is relatively small compared to the standard 15.6 inches for laptops within this list. Still on the screen, this notebook has the Intel HD graphics 3000 which brings out quality images and resolution.


  • Ensures data security
  • Also, ensures mechanical durability with its exterior design
  • Exterior design is also quite attractive
  • Quality graphics
  • Well powered processors
  • High screen resolution
  • High-performing antenna for mobile broadband connections that enables communication from anywhere in the world


  • Still, operates on Windows 7 operating system
  • Its exterior design makes it quite heavy for a 14-inch laptop

The Dell Latitude E6420 is designed mainly for business and office kind of work, which it has proven to be quite capable given its performance features about this aspect. It enables you to access your job anytime anywhere considering how some various environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures may be harsh to your machine.

The most stand out feature for this Latitude E6420, however, is the data security aspect, which includes the following;

  • Dell data protection/ Encryption 11 and encrypted hard drive options for generally protecting data in your Dell Latitude E6420 laptop.
  • Dell fast response free-fall sensor and strike zone for protecting your data from unexpected accidents.
  • Dell control vault, Dell data protection/ Access both of which enables you to determine who can access your data.

Last price update: 2017-12-05 14:48:13


In this digital age, the use of a machine such as a laptop per individual greatly varies, ranging from school work, office work, gaming and other forms of entertainment. As a result laptop brands and models vary as well. All with the aim of getting you the laptop to caters for your particular laptop needs which not only includes the technical stuff but also simple utilities such as portability and mechanical durability. Hopefully, this article has helped you get closer to making a decision based on affordability and your personal wants from a laptop.

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