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Acer Gaming Laptop Under 1000 Aspire 15 Review

Let’s cherish for the newest Acer Windows 10 Aspire of 2015. Thriving to be part of the best gaming laptops, this machine gives sophisticated solid and awesome configuration on its hardware. Name the games you want to play fluently in high resolution and play them with a smooth resolution.A Simple Design On ...

$ 587.00 999.00

2015-11-13 20:08:15

Acer High Performance Laptop Under 500 ES1-512 Review

Looking for a laptop under 500 price tag? Try to consider Acer ES1-512. This product try to serve you’re a bundle of stuff with a reasonable price. It’s a slim device which weight comes from the fan running to keep this 15.6-inch laptop cool. It is capable of doing basic tasks such as browsing, running a couple of ...

$ 355.00 499.00

2015-11-11 15:49:25

Top 12 Best High Performance Laptop November 2015

Editor's choice

For those who need laptop for doing some project or the office requires to have laptop for working, you don’t have to worry since there are many selections of best High performance laptop that can fit your any need. Since those laptop are made from various manufacturers with different specifications, you must do smart ...

$ 447.99 579.99

2015-10-20 16:54:36

Acer Full HD IPS Chromebook 15 CB5-571-C09S Review

Have you heard anything about Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-C09S before? Yes, it is a laptop that is known for its great power that allows incredibly fast performance. That is why you will find no lag whatsoever when working with this laptop. Do you want to know other things it can offer to you? If so, here I will review ...

2015-11-19 19:58:16

Acer 15 inch Laptop Chromebook CB5-571-58HF Review

It is not a difficult task to find laptop with good features to offer. It will even be easier for you if you don’t mind to spend more money for that. However, if you are tight on budget, there is a need for you to be quite picky this time. Finding affordable laptop with good features is not always easy after all. Even ...

$ 469.99 499.99

2015-10-20 17:50:25

Acer Aspire V 15 Touch V3-572P-326T Review

Sometimes, we do need to be picky to find good product. It sure is a challenge to find the one that is good in quality but affordable enough in price though. However, if you are willing to spend a hundred or two more, there is one that is really good in its quality. The customers are even hard to find the faults in ...

$ 479.56 705.40

2015-10-20 16:41:31

ASUS 11.6 Laptop C201PA-DS02 Chromebook Review

Are you a fan of chromebook? There are many people who prefer it more than common laptops with Windows as its operating system. One of good chromebooks to choose is ASUS C201PA-DS02 Chromebook. To tell you the truth, it might even be the best in its quality and its price. Many customers who have bought it feel ...

$ 199.00

2015-10-20 16:37:15

Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-C1DZ Review

So, are you looking for chromebook this time? Speaking about chromebook, I bet that Acer can offer great ones for you. But, what if we are tight on budget? Well, anyone would want to get good laptop with affordable price. For that reason, Acer has prepared one good thing for you. It is Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-C1DZ ...

$ 249.00 299.99

2015-10-20 16:05:17