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Solved: Cortana Not Available On Windows 10

Solved: Cortana Not Available On Windows 10

You finally have your Windows 10 installed on your computer. You can’t wait to talk to Cortana, the so-called intelligent personal assistant that happens to be the innovation of this operating system. You also can’t help to find out how she locate the stuff you need on your PC, run your calendar, stalk on your ...


XPS 13 QHD Dell Laptop Windows 10 Review

Dell’s ultrabook really kicks off with its retina high resolution screen and aluminum body. If it reminds you of Apple’s Macbook Pro, well, be prepared. This one really shows what actually Dell can do with innovation.A Squeezed 13-Screen in A Smaller CaseAnyone would only call it a conventional 11-inch ...

$ 1580.00

2015-12-19 16:58:28

Dell Windows 10 Laptop Inspiron 11 3000 Review

Introducing the Inspiron 11 3000, Dell’s entry-level convertible, with under $500 price tag. Yes, it will fill in the checklist of budget-minded shopping. To name a few, beside the brand itself, the convertible-hybrid laptop comes with sturdy axis and a comfortable chassis, along with the long battery life to support ...

$ 374.60 449.99

2015-12-19 16:58:31

15 Reasons Why You Need Windows 10 (or Not)

So, you have got that notification to be one of the crowds getting a free upgrade of Windows 10. But, suddenly you realize that when it comes to an upgrade, you might have some setbacks. You actually don’t have any problem with the current one or you run a different operating system. You just need reasons to take the ...