ASUS Skylake i7 Laptop F555UA-EH71 Review

It is a tricky thing to do to find good-quality laptop with affordable price. If you are confused to choose one, I want you to consider ASUS F555UA-EH71 Skylake i7 Laptop here. I recommend this one here because it is really worth to consider. If you are a fan of ASUS laptops, it becomes all the more reason for you to at least read some things about this laptop here in this review. Who knows that this laptop is actually the one you are looking for? So, let’s learn further about it below.

Lots of Power from Its Processor

The first thing you can get from it is obviously powerful processor. There is no person in this world who wants to get weak processor in his/her laptop after all. Powerful processor means that you can get good performance from the laptop. Laptop with such power will definitely run fast and smooth. Having a laptop of such kind is really helpful for people always want to get things done quickly in their laptop. When laptop runs slowly, they will soon find it unbearable.

You don’t have to worry for you will never encounter such thing from this ASUS laptop. Why? It is because this laptop is powered by the latest 6th generation of Intel Core i7-6500U Processor with 2.5 GHz speed. This power is known to be quite plenty one that can deliver good performance for us. Not to mention, this laptop consumes that power in efficient way. So, you can save more battery life with it. Don’t you think it is nice?

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Cool, Responsive Touchpad

Another thing that is quite complimented from this laptop is its touchpad. What’s so popular about it is that it is known for being cool and responsive. Well, why not? You get Smart Gesture multitouch pad in this laptop after all. Because of that, it is not impossible for you to get unexpected levels of accurate and intuitive fingertip input. Surely, you will feel astonished at how good the touchpad works for you, as expected from ASUS laptop.

With such touchpad, this laptop can guarantee that it can get everything feel so natural for you. Regardless of what you are doing with your laptop, it takes every command of yours responsively. Furthermore, this ASUS laptop also comes with IceCool Technology. It is the one responsible to keep the laptop’s temperature below body temperature lever. That is why the touchpad can feel cool and comfortable to use.

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Nice Pick for Typing

All that can be said about this i7 laptop is that you will make a good pick out of it if you intend to use it for typing. Typing is not about how comfortable the keyboard or the display can be only. It includes lots of processor power to get things run fast while you type as well as responsive touchpad to navigate what is inside the laptop. With those two things, it is undoubtedly that you can experience comfortable typing. Getting your job done fast and easy is something you can’t resist.

Not to mention, it is priced with affordable price. What can beat such thing then? Considering the price as well as what good this 15 inch laptop is for, it makes a good choice for students or simply people who just want to do daily tasks with it. ASUS F555UA-EH71 Skylake i7 Laptop is not some kind of cheap laptops sold with cheap prices. Although the price might be cheap, any similar laptop might not be able to beat its capabilities. You won’t be disappointed and you will surely be happy with it.

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Asus Skylake i7 Laptop F555UA-EH71 Full Specs



: Asus


: F555UA-EH71


: F555UA-EH71

Operating System

: Windows 10


: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7-6500U

Graphics Coprocessor

: Intel HD


Screen: 15.6 inches

Resolution: 1366*768 pixels


: 8 GB DDR3


: 1000 GB

Optical Drive



: 802.11 A/C
Bluetooth 4.0

Ports & Slots

: 2 x USB 3.0
1 x USB 2.0
1 x HDMI
VGA ports


: Yes


: ASUS SonicMaster


Length: 15 inches

Width: 10.1 inches

Height: 1 inches


: 5.1 pounds


: 1 Lithium ion


: Black


: 1 yr

Style & Type

: Standard

Similar Laptop

: ASUS K501UX Gaming Laptop

Other Specs

: -

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Compare to Similar Laptops

Laptop ASUS F555UA-EH71ASUS K501UX 15-inchNewest ASUS High Performance i7-5500U
 ASUS F555UA-EH71 ASUS K501UX 15-inch Newest ASUS High Performance i7-5500U
Processors core i7 2.5 GHz core i7 2.5 GHz core i7 2.4 GHz
Graphics Intel HD Nvidia GTX950M 2GB GDDR3 UMA Graphics
Storage 1 TB HDD 256 GB SSD 1 TB HDD
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10
Display Size 15.6 Inch 15.6 Inch 15.6 Inch
Average Battery Life Information not provided - -
Where to Buy
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ASUS F555UA-EH71 Skylake i7 Laptop is an affordable laptop that is worth to buy because it has worth capabilities to consider. It is known to be fast and comfortable after all.

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