Laptop Scholarship for College Students

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We appreciate the great support our readers have shown us, and now we’re looking to give back with a $1000 Laptop Scholarship for College Students. Here’s the details.


The scholarship is open for college students. Community college, state college, university, as long as you’re attending high education classes, you’re eligible.

Access to technology is necessary in today’s college classes, yet with the price of college increasing, college students are often the least able to afford that technology. A $1000 Laptop Scholarship for College Students can get you an excellent computer that could last will last the entire length of your college education.

There’s no restriction on age, race, or gender for this scholarship, so read on and give it a go.


If we had a tree that grew money, we’d love to give a $1000 to every student so they could have a laptop. The world people my age grew up in is not the same world we live in today. Everything is connected and online now. In order to succeed in today’s world, you must have access to technology.

Alas, we don’t have a money tree. Still, we want to do what we can to make someone’s college experience that much better.

So get working on an essay that will wow us, and we’ll set you up with the money to buy a laptop that will wow you.

General Terms of Participation

  • Here at Teradatariver, we spend plenty of time talking about the best laptops for gaming, the best laptops for a budget, and so on. Now we want to hear from you.
  • To earn this scholarship, write about what laptop you’ll buy if you win the $1000 Laptop Scholarship for College Students. Tell us why this laptop is the best choice you could make and why it fits what you need. Be honest, but also be convincing. Somewhere between 500-1000 words should be the sweet spot.
  • There’s no one perfect computer, so make the choice personal for you. Maybe you’re looking for a lightweight laptop that you can easily throw into your backpack to travel with you. Or maybe you’re a gamer living in the dorms and you’re looking for a powerful, desktop replacement laptop.
  • Think about what you’ll use it for, where you’ll use it, and leave us utterly convinced.

How to Submit your Application

When you’ve finished your essay and looked it over a few times, submit it to us at [email protected] with all of the details listed below and attached Word or PDF document.

  • Personal Details (Full Name, Phone, Address, Email and Email Paypal)
  • School name
  • Area of study
  • Any document which can proof that you are a Student
  • URL to the content that you have created (if applicable)

Additionally, please add the URL to your website (If you have any).

Please Note: By submitting your article, you are giving us the permission to use it either for promotions and marketing purposes.


The deadline to have your essays in will be June 30, 2017. Late essays will not be accepted (we gotta train you for classes, right?).

We’ll then be announcing the winner of the $1000 Laptop Scholarship for College Students on July 17th, 2017, just in time to make final preparations as you get ready for fall classes to start.

Also, concerning about the winner, we’ll be sending the money to the winner via PayPal.

Good luck!

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