4 Best Toshiba Gaming Laptop 2017

There are actually many laptop manufacturers to choose if you are looking for laptop for gaming. Of course, the quality of laptop produced by one manufacturer to another is different. If you don’t know which one is the best to choose, you can ask for recommendation. For that reason, we would like to tell you 4 laptops which are considered to be the best Toshiba gaming laptop. However, there are things you need to keep in mind and definitely take a look at in the laptop you want to buy.

How Much Laptop is tagged for

There is no more important thing than sorting out a list of laptops based on its price you can afford first. It would be pointless talking about the laptop’s features if we can’t afford to buy it in the end after all. However, you have to be prepared if it is gaming laptop you want to buy. Why, of course. It is because gaming laptop is usually pricey. We want it to be strong in its power thus producing great performance. So, there is no way it would be cheap.

How the View Offered by It is

When playing games, what do you think you would want from it? We are sure that among the things you want, you must have hoped to get the one with clear and satisfying view from its screen. Toshiba-manufactured gaming laptops have always been made with to bring all the content to life. This is what is good to consider when it comes gaming laptop. See the screen resolution to determine how sharp and clear the view can be for you.

How Good the Sound is offered

After you put your concern on the view of the screen, you need to put your concern to the sound. Just like when we can’t feel satisfied when seeing blurry view, we won’t also be satisfied with bad sound. In order to get immersive gaming experiences, you need the sound to be as rich as possible. That is why there is a need for you to look at the laptop’s speakers. Make sure that they would be enough to produce rich sound you want from them.

How the Internet Connection Is

In gaming, there are offline games and there are online games. Sometimes, we would need internet connection even when we do the offline ones. That is why even in gaming laptops, you should put your concern on its internet connection as well. It must be fast too so that you can play satisfying games. There are many Toshiba-branded laptops that can offer such thing. Just make sure that it is fast enough to let you play smoothly.

Those are the things you need to keep in mind and take a look at when choosing good gaming laptop. The view, the sound, and the connection are the important features that can determine how good gaming activity is. Let’s see 4 laptops from Toshiba that are good for gaming here then.

Toshiba Gaming Laptop Satellite S55t-C5165

Toshiba Gaming Laptop Satellite S55t-C5165As gaming laptop, this Toshiba Satellite model is really worth to consider. However, you need to know that it is quite expensive in its price. Although the price can change from time to time, currently the price tagged for it is just under $1,200.00. However, Toshiba won’t charge that much money without giving you the thing you deserve by spending it. From its view, this laptop can offer you 1920 x 1080 pixels of screen resolution at most. Its IPS display packs more than 2 million pixels onto the screen. That is why this 15.6 inch laptop is sure to bring your content to life.

The text is sharp and the color is spot on. This will be the best thing that will support great gaming experiences. As for the sound, Toshiba has given this model, built-in Harman Kardon stereo speakers. Working with DTS Sound software, robust sound experience at max volume can be achieved. Furthermore, this laptop is also made with the latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11AC. It can work 3 times faster that would be over Wi-Fi 802.11bgn if it is connected to a Wireless-AC router. Then, playing online games would be great even with this laptop. It is sure to run smooth with that.

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Best Toshiba Gaming Laptop Satellite S55t-C5168-4K

Best Toshiba Gaming Laptop Satellite S55t-C5168-4KTo tell you the truth, this Toshiba model is pretty much the same with the S55t-C5165 model. However, it won’t be offered as different product if it is the same. Starting from the price, this Toshiba model is currently priced just under $1,300.00. It is higher in its price range, but you can be sure to expect more things from it. Speaking about the view in its display, this is where one of the differences can be seen. This laptop is made to offer a new era of viewing quality to you. With 4K Ultra HD display, this Toshiba gaming laptop can deliver even up to 3840 x 2160 HD pixels.

The text is sharper and clearer in it. You can even edit your photos with great accuracy. If it is this good, there is no need to ask how good it is to view your game when playing it with this laptop. Moreover, it has the same built-in Harman Kardon stereo speakers and DTS Sound software to bring robust sound experience at max volume. Even the latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11AC is included in it. This Toshiba laptop can even offer 3 times faster performance of Wi-Fi if it is connected to Wireless-AC router too. You won’t regret your decision if you decide to buy this laptop.

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Toshiba Laptop for Gaming Satellite C55 High Performance

How about this laptop here then? Let us tell you here. This laptop might be the best choice for budget-minded people who want to get gaming laptop with supportive features that are still great and promote higher performance. Currently, this laptop is tagged with the price under $600.00. What do you think you can get from it? From its screen resolution, this laptop can offer 1366 x 768 pixels at most. However, this resolution is enough to give you more than satisfying view from the display even when you are playing heavy games. It might be smaller, but it is still a good one.

Since it is lower in its price, you might indeed not be able to expect too high from this laptop. However, it is not like this laptop is bad in its quality thus not even worthy to choose. Even when the audio is only equipped with built-in stereo speakers, they can still offer quite satisfying sound when you are listening to music, watching movies, even playing games. Moreover, it is still made with the standard 802.11bgn Wi-Fi. Such wireless type should be enough to let you go online playing your games through internet. You are free to play games with it, whether it is offline or online.

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Toshiba Satellite L55 Gaming Laptop

This is the last Toshiba laptop I want to recommend to you here. This one might be a bit higher in priced to be said as the most affordable one for gaming laptop. However, it is not too high either. This laptop is currently priced under $750.00 after all. What do you think you can get from it then? Just like the other affordable kind of Toshiba gaming laptop, this one is also capable of offering 1366 x 768 pixels of screen resolution. Of course, the view you can get from the screen can still be considered as the high-quality one. So, it would support great view when gaming with it.

As for its audio, this laptop is equipped with stereo speakers tuned by Skull Candy as well as DTS SoundTM Audio Processing. With both of them around, it becomes possible for us to hear anything from this laptop in great quality of sound. It should be clear enough to let you feel immersed when playing games. How about its internet connection then? Although it is still not clear yet, this laptop should have been one with standard 802.11AC Wi-Fi like the others as well. Thus, it is very possible for you to play both offline and online games with this Toshiba laptop here.

Now then, what do you think about those 4 kinds of Toshiba gaming laptop? Surely, they have made you at least a bit interested in them. Well, we have sorted the best ones after all. They are the best of the best kinds in Toshiba. Coming from the same manufacturer might make the features pretty much similar to each other. However, you can see yourself that they are different from our discussion above. So, choose the one that has the best features and the best price for you.

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