Affordable Gaming PC under 600 SkyTech Shadow

The PC have just arrived in my apartment one day ago and after a few checks, there are some stuffs that I’d love to share with everyone that is willing to get this computer. First things first, my objective to get this computer is because I’m running out of budget for getting a computer. That’s why I’ve been searching on the Amazon about some well-built computer which does not require too much budget on it. My budget is less than one grand so everything below it will be just fine. Need a help from my geek friend who works on IT a lot so he hit me with some good references in Amazon. And that’s how I landed on one of the SkyTech computer. The specs are basically the same with I’m looking for since I enjoy playing some hardcore PC games. Hardcore means, you know, games with decent graphics which require top-notch graphic card and decent RAM to begin with. Because those specs are really awesome and the reviews are good enough, I decided to grab this computer as soon as possible. So yeah, everything is well-packed in this computer and I’d love o to give some speeches for it.

Lots of USB Ports

Affordable Gaming PC under 600 SkyTech Shadow
First things first, I’d love to give a review on ports. The number of USB ports are exactly what I’m looking for with a total of 8 USB ports. (6 USB ports 2.0 and 2 USB ports 3.0). Those parts are very useful for me since I need to plug many things such as joypad, mouse, hard disk, and even for charging my tablet. Another port that is going to be useful for me is the HDMI port. This is because of my job that urges me to do presentation very often and HDMI port just make it easier to show my work. Therefore, for ports, I’m very delighted to know that this computer manages to have everything that I need.

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OK Disk Space

Next spec that I want to review is the size of the disk space. Since some latest games need a lot of space especially for games that have so many expansions. The 1 TB disk space that is offered is practically more than enough for me since I will be able to divide the disk space into 500 GB each. So, I also have checked the size of the disk space and it is true that it has a total free space of 1 TB. My previous computer has a broken internal disk due to some reasons and I hope that this disk space may last longer or maybe forever. So, the size of the disk space is an OK for me.

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Good Video Card

Affordable Gaming PC under 600 SkyTech Shadow Specs
Alright since I love to play multiple games, I need to have a computer with a decent video card spec. This is actually what made me spend so much time in searching for computer built that has a decent video card. The Skytech one that I bought did fulfill my desire to have computer with good video card (not decent) but it makes able to run games like Skyrim or Dark Souls 2 in its best graphic setting. However, when it comes to latest games, I can’t set to the highest setting maybe a bit lowering it into high graphic but overall is pretty good. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the video car type which is GTX750 TI 2GB Video Card, if I’m not mistaken. So to conclude, the video card is basically another OK for me as one of the hardcore gamers.

Last price update: 2017-05-04 18:43:10
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GG Processor and OK RAM

I do realize when it comes to gaming, video card only is not the only specs that takes a big part in the smoothness of the gaming itself. Two other specs that becomes my concern is the processor and also the RAM. For the processor part, it truly satisfies me as a gamer since it goes above my expectation. The processor has the power of 3.8 GHz which is basically more than enough even for some high-end games. So, the processor is the spec that I love the most from this computer. Now we are going to the next spec which is the RAM that apparently is DDR 3 with 8 GB. For me, this is good enough for gaming but it won’t be enough for high-end games. This is true since 8 GB is only tapping to the minimum requirement of playing some high graphic games so it will make it hard for me to set the settings into the highest one. However, there are some slots for RAM where in here I’ll be able to increase the size of my RAM by buying more RAMs. Therefore, there is not too much problems on this part, so I’ll give it an OKish.

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Reasonable Price and Nice Design

Alright I guess it is more than enough to talk about the specs on the computer. Overall, I’d love to recommend this computer to everyone who loves to play some high graphic games with some great settings but not for those who are aiming to get the best graphic or setting while playing the game. However, besides the video card part, another thing that makes me want to buy this computer quickly is the price. Yeah, it is, in my assumption, is super cheap seeing all of those specs. I’m not a newbie in computer so I know exactly the exact price if we teardown those specs one by one and sum the price. So, it is basically cheap and it meets with my earlier budget which is less than $1,000. I guess you guys won’t find another computer which provides great specs in a return of a cheap price. Oh yeah one thing more before I finish my review. The design is just fabulous. I mean it also becomes one of my considerations in choosing computer which is the design. I love how it looks slim and also cool at the same time so it also adds more points for me.

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SkyTech Shadow Specs



: SkyTech


: ST-4300-8G1TB-GTX750TI


: ST-4300-8G1TB-GTX750TI

Operating System

: Windows 10 Professional


: AMD FX-4300 3.8 GHz Quad Core

Graphics Coprocessor

: GTX750TI 2GB Graphic Card




: 1 TB HDD 7200 rpm

Optical Drive

: 24X DVD

Slots, Ports & Connectivity

: HDMI cord included
6 x USB 2.0
2 x USB 3.0
1 x HDMI
1 x DVI
1 x D-Port


Length: 20.2 inches

Width: 18.2 inches

Height: 8.5 inches


: 21 pounds


: Black

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Last price update: 2017-05-04 18:43:10

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