Acer C720P-2600 Chromebook Review

Acer C720P-2600 Chromebook is one of the mini laptop that has high technology touch screen. The size of this laptop is 11.6-inch. This one will show the impressive one for people because of its appearance and also the processor of this laptop. The appearance of this laptop is futuristic design that has slim in appearance and great in color. The color of this one is moonstone white that can impress people to look at this laptop.

Furthermore, since mini laptop, this Acer C720P-2600 Chromebook mini laptop is simpler because of its size. Besides, the touch screen technology in this one will offer the best one for this laptop. The most important in this laptop is the specs. Specs as the important thing to get laptop should be good. Relating to this laptop although mini laptop, people will have a great specs that can comfort people when they are operating this laptop.

The specs that can be found in the Acer C720P-2600 Chromebook has used Intel Celeron, 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM, 32 GB solid-state drive; free Google drive storage and free cloud version of office, chrome, Intel HD Graphic, and 7.5 hour life battery. The specs of this laptop are similar with the type of Acer Aspire E 11 ES1-111M-C40S. However, in this Chromebook, people will get the high technology and the touch screen style. This one also has no used windows 8.1.

Last price update: 2017-09-06 20:05:34

Besides, relating to the price, this Acer C720P-2600 Chromebook also has affordable price because you will find that this laptop will have no more than $200.00. Therefore, this mini laptop will be the best choice for people to do their job. This laptop also will show the best appearance when people watch the movie through this laptop. With high specs above, people will be comfortable with this low price from their hand.

Acer C720P-2600 Chromebook Specs



: Acer


: C720P


: C720P-2600

Operating System

: Chrome


: 1.4 GHz Celeron 2955U
2MB L3 cache

Graphics Coprocessor

: Intel HD Graphics
128 MB Graphics Card Ram


Screen: 11.6 inches

Resolution: 1366 x 768


: 2 GB


: 32 GB SSD

Optical Drive

: No


: 802.11bgn
Bluetooth 4.0

Ports & Slots

: USB 2.0 Ports x1
USB 3.0 Ports x1


: HD Webcam


: Two built-in stereo speakers


Length: 11.34 inches

Width: 8.03 inches

Height: 0.78 inches


: 3 pounds


: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Battery Life: 7.5 hours


: Moonstone White


: 1 yr

Style & Type

: Standard

Similar Laptop

: Acer Chromebook 11

Other Specs

: Multi-touch screen
Supporting 10-finger touch

Last price update: 2017-09-06 20:05:34

Acer C720P-2600 Chromebook will be the best choice for people that want to have touch screen laptop in their hand. Although this one is mini laptop but the specs of this laptop is high.

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