Apple Laptop under 1000 MacBook Air MMGF2LL/A 2016

Who would ignore of getting their hands on Apple products anyway? Anyone would want to do anything for such thing to happen to them. Apple is the most popular brand in the market. Of course, its products are known to be that of the ones in great quality. You shouldn’t forget too that those products are often sold in high price. However, take a look at one of Apple laptops and discuss it further here. It is the one called Apple MMGF2LL/A MacBook Air 13.3-Inch Laptop.

Apple Laptop with Lower Price

As it was said earlier, for a product branded in Apple, there seems to be no way for it to be rather affordable than expensive. Apple products are high in quality, so it is not strange for them to be high in price too. Many budget-minded people must have declined their intention of buying Apple laptops because of that. However, it is not like there is no way for you to obtain one. This Apple laptop we are talking about here might just be the one you are looking for all this time.

It is none other than because this laptop is tagged with the price that is practically lower than the usual price range for Apple products. Yes, this Apple laptop here is currently price under 1000. Don’t you feel like wanting to get your hands on this laptop? Not all Apple laptops are tagged with such price, you see. That is why you can consider of getting this laptop at such price to be a real feat. Price can change from time to time though. It is best to get this laptop as soon as possible.

Last price update: 2017-09-06 18:56:55
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Beautiful-Looking Laptop in Silver

Although the look of the laptop has nothing to do with its work, it is something people would put their concern into even without them realizing it. What catches people’s eyes the most is none other than how the laptop looks after all. Of course, you will be attracted to it if the laptop has beautiful look on it. How does it go in this Apple laptop then? There is no need to worry about such thing for this laptop is designed with beautiful chassis that covers the laptop in nice way.

The chassis designed for this laptop is the one colored in silver. Silver look has always been a beautiful one for laptop. So, getting it in this Apple laptop with more inexpensive price is just great. You can always feel confident to bring it around with you anywhere you want. It is a beautiful laptop to work with after all. Every penny you spend for it won’t be something wasteful if it is this Apple laptop that you choose. You will always feel happy just by looking at it, you see.

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Vibrant and Wide Display on Screen

There are more things to compliment about this laptop. Among them, there is vibrant and wide display offered by the laptop’s screen. Whatever the reason we need laptop for; it is a must for all of us to get vibrant and wide screen display. Although the screen size depends on personal preference, most people do feel comfortable of seeing things on laptop with wider screen. For some people, they would even say that seeing things on wider screen is clearer than onsmaller one.

If it is this Apple laptop that you ask, it is the one that has 13.3-inch widescreen display. It should be wide enough size for you. Of course, it is vibrant too for the display is that of LED-backlit glossy type. So, you will surely get clear and vibrant view from this Apple laptop. Anything you see from this laptop will be something that you will feel satisfied with. Indeed, you can’t expect no less when it comes to products from Apple. This Apple laptop has proven it more than enough already.

Last price update: 2017-09-06 18:56:55
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Amazingly, Long Battery Life to Offer

One more thing you need to know about this Apple laptop is that it has amazingly, long battery life to offer. In just any laptop, people would always wish for getting long battery life. Only then, we can do anything we want longer than we used to be. There might even be no need to look for outlet when we are going outside while bringing our laptop around and using it. As long as we leave with full charged battery, you can be sure to use your laptop for pretty much long time, you see.

It is because this Apple laptop offers up to 12 hours of battery life. It is not every time we can find laptop with that much battery life. Normally, it would be around 8 hours or so, while it can be 10 hours at most. However, Apple has made it possible for this laptop to stay up for you half a day. Apple MMGF2LL/A MacBook Air 13.3-Inch Laptop sure is amazing. Right from the price to even the features, all are made to meet your highest expectations and needs of a laptop.

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Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL/A Specs



: Apple


: Apple MacBook Air



Operating System

: Mac OS X


: 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5

Graphics Coprocessor

: Intel HD Graphics 6000


Screen: 13.3 inches

Resolution: 1440 x 900




: 128 GB SSD

Optical Drive

: No


: 802.11ac Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 4.0

Ports & Slots

: 2 x USB 3.0
1 x Thunderbolt 2
1 x Mini DisplayPort via Thunderbolt port
Integrated Microphone
Integrated Speaker
1 x 1/8" (3.5 mm) Headphone Output


: 720p FaceTime


: Dual microphones
Stereo speakers


Length: 12.8 Inches

Width: 8.9 Inches

Height: 0.6 Inches


: 2.96 lbs


: Non-Removable Lithium-Polymer
Up to 12 Hours


: Silver


: 1 yr

Style & Type

: Standard

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Other Specs

: -

Last price update: 2017-09-06 18:56:55

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