The Image Backup in Windows System: Can the System Be Restored

You must understand that by having a computer, it is important to backup your files and system. True, there are many backup tools you can try. Not to mention, you can use File History to do so too. However, they are not capable of creating a complete image of a system, including the hard drive and all files on it at one point in time. In order to restore the system back like when it was backed up, you will need to do an image backup.

The Fact about Image Backup

Indeed, image backup is what you need if you want to restore your system exactly like it was when you backed it up. Need to be known, the system can still be restored even if the installation is badly corrupted. However, be sure to remember that image back up can only be restored on your own PC. It wo’t work if you try to restore it on different PC. So, don’t bother to try it.

Why can it be so? Of course, there is a reason to it. To tell you the truth, the only reason behind it is because the installation is tied to the specific hardware of your PC. Image backup is meant to restore a computer back to its previous state after all. So, you must have understood already that different PC won’t do because the installation is not tied to its hardware. So, keep this in mind.

Creating System Image Backup

Before you learn how to restore your system, you should know that there is a need for you to create the system image backup first of all. How can you restore if the backup is not created yet? Basically, it is not a difficult task to create system image backup on your computer. If it is on Windows 7, integrated it with normal backup tool will do the work. However, for Windows 8.1 and 10, you need to follow some steps below.

  • Open File History backup window in control panel
  • Find System Image Backup link to open Backup and Restore tool
  • Click on Create a System Image link to finish it

To tell you the truth, it will be most likely for you to need large drive to put on your computer. It is because system image backup can be pretty large. Just use external USB hard drive for it. It will be enough to let you create system image backup smoothly and successfully.

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