The Best Monitors For Photo Editing 2017

This is a hard fact. Photography through the years is becoming an extremely tight competition with all the accessible methods to enhance even the oldest and worst captured images. Despite shooting excellent pictures with the use of a quality digital camera, you need to have more than just the skills in taking pictures. To introduce yourself as a leading talent in creating stunning images, showcasing your best photographic editing work is a must. Of course, a good photo editing software like Photoshop and a photo editing monitor are your tools. It is the second most important way to support yourself as an artist in developing and presenting your work through competition. It’s not like you have to be dependent on photo editing. However, it’s necessary to improve the photos taken to suit the nature of certain businesses.

Why Is A Simple Monitor Matters For Editing Photos?

It really depends if you’re doing it as a hobby or as a business and if you are a beginner or a professional. Owing to a fact that your photos need to seek attention, you certainly can’t limit with just the basic specs if you can obtain more. The intent here is the more attractive the photo, the higher its value could become. A display that can offer exceptional color management and clarity is highly necessary. Meaning, your photo editing monitor should have a face panel that can display the original color and lighting of a photograph. Thus, you can easily adjust the poor image lighting and color correction smoothly. Furthermore, employing so as to hide unwanted details like photo bombers or a light leak.

How To Choose The Best Monitors For Photo Editing

Let’s skip the brand here or the 144hz response is not really necessary, that’s only tailored for video game enthusiasts. These are the criteria that may define your photo editing priorities. The screen size, we all want to have a large view of the photographs we want to transform. Don’t let the need to be precise with specs frighten you. They aren’t necessarily as many as confetti. Sifting down the important abilities of a monitor is what matters more. The face panel, whether you prefer IPS, TN or just LED plays an important role in doing graphic retouches. Other than that, a quality photo editing monitor must have the option to be calibrated. A wide gamut is an absolutely essential component since photo editing requires a wider range of color values. After all, everybody likes beautiful colors. A visor, a lot of us overlook the importance of a visor. Visors are not just accessories, they help avoid reflections on your screen. This way, you can keep as much contrast as possible on your photographs.

And because we care about how you should invest in a photo editing monitor, we listed down the currently best picks for 2017. The models on this buying guide are selected based on the recommendations of professional photographers and videographers.

LG Electronics UM95 34UM95 34-Inch Photo Editing Monitor

LG Electronics UM95 34UM95

First off, this ultrawide photo editing monitor has more than just its huge IPS-LED display. It has capabilities to bring boring photographs to life. You’d love its screen split feature so that you can customize the monitor layout for multitasking purposes. LG Electronics UM95 34UM95 have a high-resolution display and high-performance data for those looking for highly accurate color like professional photographers and graphic designers. You get two thunderbolt input & output ports which do the same job as USB. However, thunderbolt supports high-resolution displays. It also has the ability to transfer high-performance data between two devices with a speed that is 4 times faster than USB 3.0. That’s an incredible 20Gps to be exact. That’s apart from the two HDMI inputs, one headphone jack, and one DisplayPort.

Many users of this monitors revealed how they like that it has enough matt to throw off harsh glares. Also, some professionals consider the LG UM95 34UM95 as a stretched Apple Thunderbolt Display. The LG model has 109 dpi, while the Apple Thunderbolt is at 108 dpi, pretty close. Graphic designers are recommending this model for video editing because it allows plenty of room for additional workspace while all the panels are open.

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NEC PA272W-BK 27-Inch LED Photo Editing Monitor

Perhaps when we decide to buy a monitor for multiple uses, we do not really care much about the valuable advantage of high resolutions. But once we get to upgrade from 1920×1080 to 2560×144. I doubt you would want to go back. Particularly, when working in the digital world of photography, we opt for an excellent color space. The NEC PA272W-BK99 happens to have 99.3% coverage of AdobeRGB color space, that’s beside the 2560×1440 native resolution. Although no calibration software is included with this monitor, many users are impressed by this model’s color accuracy.

Over the years, we have learned about the advantage of QHD monitors for graphic design and just for the sake of visual entertainment. However, despite being around for more than two years the price never seem to budge. Why is that? Should we just settle with full HD? We’d say, no. NEC comprises a Digital Cinema preset, no ideally found on many professional-grade monitors graphic editing purposes. This special feature is a set of uniformed parameters stipulating color, resolution, audio, and light intensity. Those are for the technical performance in digital cinema, but this one is its down-to-earth version.

Last price update: 2017-06-10 19:44:29
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BenQ BL3200PT 32-Inch Designer Monitor

BenQ BL3200PT 32-Inch

The goal for investing in a graphic design dedicated monitor is for crafting every detail until it leads to brilliant work. For professionals, even newbie photographers this is the case. What’s the ideal photo editing monitor? Of course, its spectral properties the red, green, and blue wavelengths should be produced with equal intensity. Plus, BenQ BL3200PT Designer Monitor is with a nice 2K high resolution (2560×1440) to be precise. This monitor according to those who are using it, they love the that it has great contrast, brightness, and black levels.

Photo artists looking for a color-critical display will absolutely be drawn to BenQ’s panel’s 10-bit native color rendering. Although, it doesn’t have the Adobe RGB it has 100% sRGB coverage. And since it features QHD image quality it is advantageous for video editing. Many reviews have stated that it does not cause eye strain, which is very important for photographers who mostly spend hours editing pictures. The frame of this photo editing monitor is somewhat heavy, around 13kg. On the flipside, it is sturdy and reassuring, so cramming it onto a desk is not that challenging. You’d appreciate the straightforward design of its metal stand, making it easier to maneuver.

Last price update: 2017-06-10 19:44:23
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Samsung S32D850T 32-inch WQHD Photo Editing Monitor

Samsung S32D850T

Seamless multi-screen functionality and split-screen for a 32″ WQHD (2560 x 1440) high-resolution monitor under $500 is quite a good score. That’s 4 times the resolution of standard High definition monitor. The important characteristics to assess in choosing a photo editing monitor, same as for any gadget. First off, it includes picture-in-picture feature. You can watch YouTube videos while working because you can utilize two windows on top of another or at the same time. Moreover, the PiP feature doesn’t downscale the source’s original resolution. The Samsung S32D850T’s viewing angles are pretty much flexible. You can tilt, swivel the monitor and you can also raise and lower it. The response time is 5 ms which is totally fine for its core purpose.

This photo editing monitor uses VA panel offering good viewing angles with better blacks and contrast. This is an advantage for photo editing. Better than TN and IPS panels for that purpose. If you hate reflections on your screen, which is a definite peeve when photo editing. Samsung’s matte screen coating prevents that. Although, to improve the sRGB coverage to a 100% a little calibration might be needed. We love the body of Samsung S32D850T, the design is clean, and base also doesn’t move whenever you adjust the monitor.

Last price update: 2017-06-10 19:44:17
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EIZO CG277-BK ColorEdge 27-inch Monitor

EIZO CG277-BK ColorEdge

This hunk may not be as great looking as its rivals, but its unsurpassed color accuracy makes it perfect for professional graphic designers. Imagine a display 1.097 billion colors from a palette of 278 trillion, that’s ultimate. With an excellent tone display in the dark, a built-in calibration sensor and a 99% of the Adobe RGB color space, this is a bad boy unit. It may not be a 4k for its staggering price but it is packed with features that deliver spades for the professional photographers and discerning graphic designers. One of the Eizo ColorEdge CG277-BK’s impressive features is a built-in colorimeter.

The frame of this unit looks bulky with its chunky bezel, approximately 3-inch thick panel. We have to highlight that this photo editing monitor has an excellent stand and ergonomics, really easy to adjust. With its additional hood, elevating the look of a portrait is amazingly effortless. Eizo ColorEdge runs in IPS panel with 6ms grey-to-grey response time. The screen is matte, relatively for minimal reflections. Albeit, the unit has limited inputs, which is not ideal for a professional-grade monitor. It only has a single of each DVI-D, HDMI, and DisplayPort, besides a couple of USB ports.

Last price update: 2017-06-10 19:44:11
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Dell U3417W FR3PK 34-Inch Photo Editing Monitor

Dell U3417W FR3PK

Wide, deep curved screen, a base stand that doesn’t wobble, and the stand has a hole on the bracket for the cables. Not to mention its multiple ports are in a very convenient spot, it is a quite good monitor for beginners in photo editing. And unlike other monitors, Dell’s U3417W FR3PK has Loud and clear speakers. Talk about graphic design, it has an impressive color accuracy, although the contrast ratio isn’t as strong. It doesn’t have deeper blacks and brighter brights. For professional-level photo editing work which often focuses on vividity of colors, the low contrast is hardly noticed. The color reproduction is great at 99% sRGB with 1.07 Billion depth (ideal for widescreens.)

Dell makes it a point that navigating the display menu should not be as brute difficult as a logic puzzle. Dell’s U3417W FR3PK, as most of Dell’s other models, the mechanical buttons are easy to press, which are better than the on-screen ones. You won’t run out of connectivities, you get a couple of HDMI ports, a full-size in & out DisplayPorts, a mini-DisplayPort, and an MHL port. That’s apart from the 6 upstream/downstream USB 3.0 ports, and an audio out.

Last price update: 2017-06-10 19:44:03
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ASUS ProArt PA329Q 32-inch 4K Photo Editing Monitor

ASUS PA329Q 32-inch

The name “ProArt” seems very much for that purpose, but how well is this model in the professional category? In terms of displays that render the precise color gamuts, it’s curves and white points. The ASUS ProArt PA329Q does not really get behind. Panel and resolution are obviously important keys that are becoming standard in every monitor category. This photo editing monitor runs in IPS panel, which results in superior image quality. For graphic designers necessitating factory-calibrated color, Asus ProArt renders diverse, compelling choices. We have also noticed that the ProArt has a very wide gamut. To make most windows programs look normal, we suggest you switch it from default back to SRGB.

If you want to use an external calibrator such as Datacolor Spyder 5 series and X-rite i1 Display Pro for on-screen color accuracy, you definitely can. For connectivity for your secondary devices, you get 1 mini DisplayPort and 1 full-size DisplayPort. It also has 2x USB 3.0, a single USB uplink and a USB 2.0. Moreover, the unit has 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs. The rocker-type power switch on this model is rather convenient than the button type. You can also adjust the height, swivel, pivot or tilt the monitor easily because of its Ergonomic stand.

Last price update: 2017-06-10 19:43:57


Despite with some of them lacking the attractive design and vice versa, you will always have to choose the best possible monitors. I think nowadays, most screens are at least substantially accurate once calibrated. We don’t really suggest paying much attention to 10 bits graphic cards. For graphic design purposes or even with videography, a good screen pretty much does the job. Overall, these models have managed to provide most of the graphic solutions a beginner and professional want.

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